Migration Overview

When we do Reseller Migration: The client is a reseller for Shared Hosting Services partnered with another Hosting provider Like GoDaddy, BigRocks, etc. Now reseller client wants to move from his/her current Hosting Provider to ResellBox i.e. to us.

Now here client must have to share the credentials of the current WHM/cPanel and credentials of his Domain control Panel. So that we can make a backup of current accounts and restore them in a new panel.

Making List Of Accounts to Migrate

As the Client has shared the WHM/cPanel Details with us, first get in touch with Reseller Client and get confirmation that all the accounts present in WHM/cPanel are active accounts.

  • Login to Clients current WHM/cPanel

  • Search “List Accounts” in the search field

  • Scroll till End of Page and Click on “ Download all records to a CSV file” to save it in Sheet.

  • Here now We will get a List of All the Accounts.
  • Make additional 2 Columns with Name “NameServers” & “MX Records”.

Reseller Account(Main Account)

Here we need to add the client's account in our main Shared Hosting Panel i.e. WHM/cPanel. So that we can assign him Reseller's Privileges and If required Dedicated IP.

Let's Get Started Migrating

  • Login to Clients Current cPanel Account
  • Click on Backup, to create a backup of the account.
  • Click on Download a Full Account Backup
  • Add email ID to get a notification when backup completely created. And Click on Generate Backup
  • You will get a notification once the backup is generated. From the same location, you need to download .tar.gz file.